Vacation Pounds

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Vacations are great right?? They can be so relaxing and of course adventurous. If you’re like me, you love Pina Coladas and Champagne and eat health food because its healthyWhen I’m on vacation, all bets are pretty much off. I start off with the right intentions. You know, ordering water, salads and fruit. But depending on your vacation partners, they are probably completely going all in at sweets buffets, fried chicken joints, Italian and Mexican spots, and convenient store snacks and slurpees.  All this can be hard on your waistline but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some reasons why people gain weight on vacation. You can tweak it and figure out what you can do to avoid feeling fat when you return.

 Your hotel lacks in its amenities

Flat screens and a microwave are cool, but what about a fitness room or a safe walking track?To get around this, you can fill your mini fridge with bottled water, hummus, fruit, and fresh juices. Run around the hotel a couple days and do some ab workouts in your room until you can get back to your normalcy of home. Next time you should make sure you choose a room with a workout room.

All inclusive really means All Fat included

Whether you booked a cruise or went with an all inclusive resort, these packages usually include all-you-can-eat/drink options, which give you access to unlimited calories. For free! If you want to look good in that bikini stick to 3 meals per day and fit in some fruit in between.

You drink at every meal

Bottomless mimosas for breakfast, margaritas by the pool with lunch, martinis with dinner, and sangria for dessert. Of course you are free to relax and do your thing. Not only are you consuming empty calories but you are going to get tired and hungry. Possibly end up dehydrated. Be sure to drink water in between beverages and keep some nuts like almonds or cashews to snack on.

You sleep in every morning or stay up late 

According to recent studies, those who woke up around 10:45 am consume about 300 more calories per day then those who wake up earlier. They consume less fruits and veggies and usually opt for fast food options. You’re also likely to skip a workout if you sleep in.


Whether you pack workout clothes or not, make a little time to do it every night. Eat a little healthy while on vacation. I can speak for myself when I say, its hard. Accountability is everything though. Keep a food diary or phone app to track what you eat. When you get back you will be glad you did it.