“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step” 

 Superfood? When I first heard the word Superfood I assumed it was a genetically modified piece of meat that was the size of a microwave or something. It really gave me that mental picture. I mean come on.

I decided to get on Pinterest and do some more research on it. Superfoods are foods or spices that can be added to a meal or as a snack and they do different amazing things for your body.

  1. Almonds or Almond Milk–Lower in Calories, No Cholesterol, Low on the Glycemic Index
  2. Spinach–Low in calories, High in Fiber and Nutrients, Help prevent cancers and diseases
  3. Honey–A natural sweetener, it protects cells against free radical damage 
  4. Raspberries– Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  5. Bananas–Loaded with potassium with will help lower your blood pressure and boost metabolism. ( I eat at least 1 banana a day because I definitely notice a change in my metabolism.)




These are just a small amount of foods that I’ve added to my diet and I’ve seen a major change. I love it. This is for my health right?

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