How to Meal Prep! The Easy Way

What type of food you eat is really going to be essential in your weight loss and maintenance journey. One thing I learned quickly was that lean protein was best, dark green vegetables leaned me out and healthy carbs gave me energy and kept me feeling full longer. Fruit acted as my “sugar” and helped my sweet tooth. I made sure to incorporate all these foods in my everyday eating. I also drank about a gallon of water a day which helps flush out any toxins or fats in your body. Water also keeps you feeling full so drink your water! Its ZERO CALORIES!! LOL.

Choosing a Protein:                             

LEAN chicken or turkey were my go to proteins for my weekly meal prep. I would either Saute, Grill, or Oven Roast these. At the time I didn’t really care for a crockpot, but now that I’ve grown to LOVE my crockpots (i have 3!) I use them weekly as well. I’d usually season my meat with Mrs Dash Salt Free seasonings, pretty heavily for flavor. While those were cooking I’d get my veggies chopped and prepped. If I wanted a carb that week, have those on the stove or oven as well. On weekends, when I was tired of poultry, I would have seafood for dinner. Either oven roasted Salmon or Tilapia.


I went for dark green often because I quickly learned that they leaned me out. Fresh Green Beans and Broccoli are my favorite vegetables. Add some minced garlic and soy sauce and stir fry and that’s a meal for me! I also like Spinach, and Asparagus. Drizzle some lemon juice and garlic on some asparagus before you pop it in the oven and its delicious… I would load my containers with more vegetables then anything to try and lean out.


Now I didn’t always have carbs for meal prep. If you are trying to lose weight, honestly you should limit your carb intake. The healthiest carbs or fats I chose were Sweet Potatoes, Jasmine Rice (its white so 1/3 cup will do), Avocado, Whole grain brown rice pasta.


I always had fruit on hand as a snack. Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches, Nectarines, Grapes and Bananas were some of my favorites. Berries especially, because they are high in antioxidants and promote flat bellies! Fruit is high in sugar though so make sure you know this. I would keep a serving to no more than 1 cup as you notice in the picture above. Sugar goes to my midsection.

Example of how a weekly meal prep looked for ME. 

Prepping is Key to Success folks. You don’t want to be tempted to make bad choices and by not having healthy foods on hands at all times, you will be. It’s just our nature as humans. And with all these fast food chains ready to take your money, this is a much cheaper option. I’d rather spend 25 bucks a week on preparing my own meals and knowing what’s in them, than going the cheap route and eating processed food and artificial colors. Doesn’t sound appetizing at all.


how i lost 50 pounds part 1

I lost over 50 pounds and you can too!

I’m going to tell you how i lost the weight, but I feel its important you know why I did it and what was finally my AHA moment to finally get started on my journey after YEARS of feeling uncomfortable in my skin.

Let’s flash alllll the way back a couple years to october 2015. My big brother was getting married in Puerto Rico (the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine! I love you Neil and Leon!!) anddd my birthday was coming up later in the month. I would even tell people that it was my birthday trip and my brother just so happened to be getting married. hahaha no one believed me. Anyways I was almost 25 and soooo excited for Puerto Rico and to watch my brother marry the love of his life.

My mom and i got off the plane in San Juan, PR and it was the most beautiful place i have ever been. the people were so friendly and beautiful and the hotel was gorgeous. i couldnt wait!!

We got to the hotel and went to the rooftop which had a bar where i immediately ordered a margarita. anyone who knows me, knows that me and tequila are truly friends. i love that girl tequila haha.. anyway we were on the rooftop waiting for the rest of the wedding gang to arrive. My brother had planned it this way to be an awesome kickoff to the 4 day trip and it was.

As people from his wedding gang started to trickle in, I noticed something. everyone was so beautiful and fit. not just nice bodies. but really fit and trim. like they really worked on it and made sure they looked good. I was taken aback. as I mentioned in my last post, I live in North Carolina and my brother lives in Washington D.C. Alot of his coworkers flew to PR for the wedding as well and they were just all so beautiful and fit!! I was a little embarrassed of my size. Here I am 24 years old, nice personality, pretty face, but all I could picture that they were thinking as they met me was, “shes cool and nice but she needs to lose some weight.” i did though.

I felt so insecure in the shorts and dresses that i brought but I still managed to be my bubbly, goofy self. Everyone else looked so good in there bikinis and i was more than a little overweight in mine.

I went on to have fun that weekend but I told myself then and there that the next time these people saw me, I would be smaller. I really told myself that!!

So that is really what inspired me to lose the weight. That was my AHA moment. MY FINAL STRAW. I saw people that looked the way I wanted to look and I said I could do it. I didnt know how I would do it. But I knew I would!


Here are some pictures from the trip! ENJOY. San Juan, Puerto Rico is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to go back one day!




Here we go. . . .

Hello world. . .

No I don’t like that. . .

Hey y’all!

Sounds too country. . .

Heyyyy everybody!

That’s more like it!

Heyyy EVERYBODY!! I am Erika, and here you are gonna find that I am just like you. I am a 26 year old living in (currently veryyy hot and humid) NC. Yep, I am not some weight loss expert or fitness guru with a magic secret. Not at all. No secrets here. I am going to share MY journey on what allowed me to lose 50 POUNDS in 8 months! WOW.

Yes. . .  I still can’t believe I did it some days but I did it. I set goals and kept changing them along the way but at my lowest I lost 5-2 pounds. It was a task but I did it. And so can you. If you really want it. I will get to more details later, but for now I just want to WELCOME YOU. You are in the right direction already if you are looking for support and inspiration. I sure needed inspiration during my journey to losing the weight.

Food is really number one on my list in explaining some lifestyle changes I had to make to achieve the goal. I will break down things I added to my “diet” ( i cringe when i hear that word) and things I took away. It wasn’t all bad so don’t be discouraged because you can definitely customize it when you see results and most importantly, find what will work for YOU. EveryBODY is different and requires different things. I chose to remove dairy from my diet and that alone made a BIG difference in my overall physical body shape. I will explain that also soon.

Being active consistently also made a huge difference in my appearance. Burning body fat is basically what you will need to focus on the beginning.  Once you get a routine, it will become a lifestyle. It was hard for me at first but I wanted it bad enough so I squeezed it in and quickly began to love working out. It actually became really addicting. I lovee walking and running. I never liked running when I was out of shape, but once I saw results, i was hooked.

There is no quick way to keeping it off.

Consistency is KEY. I know you’ve heard that before because it is true.

I’m so excited to share my journey and give tips and tricks. I also have recipes that are now staples in my household. So stick around! 🙂 🙂