Lets talk: Life Update

Hey folks!

It feels like its been forrreevverrr since I’ve written on my blog. It has! Its been a couple months! I have had some changes but I’m ready to get back at it and also update you on some things that I have coming up in the near future!

For starters, a few months ago I started a new job as a Patient Coordinator at a pediatric dentist office. I love it. It fits my personality very well, plus I love seeing the children come in for their check-ups or treatments and I’m able to calm them if they are a little uneasy about the dentist. There are new adventures everyday. Also I have amazing coworkers and an awesome boss who always goes out of her way to show her appreciation. <3. I feel so blessed.

Given that, though, I am still wanting to be my own boss. I feel like the time is now for Girl Bosses and all these women entrepreneurs are seeming to be making a rise to the top of the ladder. I want a piece. I know it takes hard work and patience, so I have had to shift my way of thinking out of the “get rich quick” to “make wealth last”…Yes!! I know God has a lot of store for myself and my little family and we are definitely on board to receive it!

I have been writing in my journal and making plans going forward for 2018. Very immediately I have some things up my sleeve. Again, that’s where patience has to come into play. I have informed my boss at work of some of my goals and she decided to help with my dreams and give me 4 days a week so that I can actively work on them, as opposed to 5. See? She’s great.

Just wait and see for now.