Meal Planning Effectively: Free Meal Plan Included!

“It always seems impossible, until its DONE..”

I know it seems like a time consuming task. But think about the time (and money) you will save. My best advice is to just grab a pen and paper and just START! It is really simple, as long as you have a plan.

Making a Plan

Let me explain. If you plan ahead what you will have each night then there won’t be a guessing game. Now your plan doesn’t have to perfectly set. If you planned to have Taco Tuesday but when Tuesday comes, you feel like having pizza HAVE PIZZA.

Here is a Plan I came up with prep ideas and also a free 7 day workout plan!

Get your Family Involved

Have your family sit down with you while you plan your meals. It will lead to more positive vibes if everyone is on one accord. Allow the little ones to add their input or even just include some sauces like “bbq chicken” or “ranch turkey chops”.

Pick a Day to Shop 

Pick a day to shop that works for you. If Wednesdays work best for you and Sundays don’t, do it on Wednesdays. I choose Sundays because that is the one dedicated day I know I’ll have all day to plan, shop, and prep. Do what works.

Leftovers are your Friend

Even though you have planned a meal everyday, there may be days where you have leftovers. Have them for lunch the next day OR use the meat from one dinner and incorporate the next night. If you have leftover bbq chicken from a dinner tuesday, shred the chicken up and add it to a flatbread with some red onions for a pizza!

Check your Calendar 

Before you plan every week, check the calendar for super busy days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays right now we have football practice for our little man. So we have quick dinners those nights.

Check amazon for containers to put your leftovers or even meal prep. Here are some awesome ones!

Practicing Self Care

“You’ve always got a new story to write, and it will look nothing like your past”



Self-care!! It is a thing folks. You must care about yourself. Put your goals first. Put your dreams first. I mean really go out and go after what your heart desires. In order to do that you must create a routine of caring about others and yourself. I came across the idea to write this blog because I am obviously wanting to make a career out of blogging. I stay up late every night and get up every morning doing research and learning more. There is money in this. I believe in this.

For years my Instagram Bio has said “Ask Believe Receive”. This is something I truly live by. I speak things into existence pretty often. And that includes negativity. One of the things I dislike is when I hear people speak negatively about their lives or those close to them. If you have a child, moms, and you constantly repeat “So-and-So is BAD”. WELLLLL mom!! So-and-so will be bad because you have spoken so terribly on their little life. I really hate that one the most. I’ll usually be like “aww they’re not bad!”. The term bad has so many meanings and I just don’t like it. I pray that I feel this way when I have my little so-and-so. My little one WILL BE A SUPER ADVANCED BABY. See what I did there? lol

Self-Care 101

I have put together a few tips on how to start practicing self care, which is really going to enhance your Mental Health. Which is just as, if not more, then your physical health!! So take notes!

  1. Start every day with a smile.
  2. Smile at your self in the mirror! You are truly created by God and you’re beautiful!
  3. Create a to-do list in the mornings. Map out what you have to do, and hold yourself accountable!
  4. Stretch! Loosen up those muscles and make your body move!
  5. Care for yourself. Take a milk bath, hydrate your gorgeous skin, paint your nails and toes, do a hair mask.
  6. MAKE YOUR BED!!! Seriously, this is something that BOSSES do everyday and it makes a difference, trust me!! Every day. Make it a habit!
  7. Treat yourself with your favorite meal. Sometimes it feels good to eat alone and splurge. You deserve it honey!
  8. Turn that phone off. Disconnect. Very self-explanatory.
  9. Detox your body. Add lemon to some warm water to get rid of toxins. I do this at least 4 times a week. It’s life changing.
  10. Have gratitude! A grateful heart will be abundantly blessed!